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Past Projects & Activities

Interact Restoration Project

Our Interactors and Rotactors come together after a long day in the sun.

On February 29, 2020, Interact: Rotaract hosted a community service event and invited interactors from St. John and Tiyan High School to come and help paint the kiddie pool in Agana. Interact is a club under Rotary International that brings together young people aged 12-18 to develop leadership skills while discovering the power of Service Above Self. Rotaract is similar, but the ages are different and Rotaract focuses more on community service and enhancing professional skills. Around 35 people showed up in total, roughly 15 of them, were Interactors from St. John and Tiyan. “We saw that the pools have been needing maintenence for a long time, so we decided to reach out and see if we could help with the kiddie pool side for a commnuity service project,” said Angela Rosario,
Director of Club Service for RY 2019-2020. The stencils for the projects were sourced from one of their very own, Keanu Sucgang. “It was a pretty successful project overall, we had a good turnout from the two Interact clubs, and we had some fun in the sun while serving our community at the same time,” said Rosario.

Rotaract Youth Leadership Conference

Our Youth Leaders after a successful 5th conference.

The Rotaract Youth Leadership Conference is an annual conference held every September. 2019 was our 5th, and each year there is a different theme. This is one of our signature events as we invite around 100-200 aspiring youth to learn and take an active part in building leadership. There is extensive planning for this event that usually starts 3-4 months in advance as we always aim to make each conference as great as the last. Everything from coordinating the venue to talking to the superintendent about inviting students via their schools and all the other details in between are sorted in weekly tasks from the beginning of planning until the very conference day itself. For the conferences, we like to invite leaders from our local community to speak on what they do and how
they make impacts throughout our island. “I personally love RYLC because it’s so inspiring to see so many youths wanting to build their leadership skills and learn about how they can make a difference in this world,” said Angela Rosario, Director of Club Service for RY 2019-2020.

Students displaying their team-building exercise outcome for the camera.

Rotaract Youth Leadership Conference 2019 “From Roots to Branches,” held on September 20.

Our team and students coming together for a photo after the conference.

The 4th annual Rotaract Youth Leadership Conference, held on September 14, 2018.

Our Rotaractors at Island Girl Power pose with their “lending” hands.

Like other of our community projects, our Rotaractors lent a hand to the Guam Girl Scouts’ Cookie distribution.

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